4 Reasons to Rent from a Boat Storage Facility for Winter

boat-storage-indoorBoats are meant for sailing but they are not always supposed to stay in the seas forever. When it’s boating season, you can park your watercraft at the shore or docks when they are not in use. However, before winter strikes, you have to prepare your marine craft for months-long off-season storage. For this task, rental boat storage containers and storage facilities are a great help.

A boat storage facility is more than just an alternative for boat-owners who don’t have enough storage space for their watercraft. This is the best option for winterizing your boat because it has everything you need from equipment to services. Below are 4 reasons to rent from a boat storage facility for winter.


Heavy snow, cold winds, freezing temperature and high moisture can lead to damages in your boat like dents, corrosion and engine malfunction. Wrapping it with the thickest of covers isn’t enough to protect it against the harsh elements. It must be kept indoors.

A storage facility shelters your boat against winter elements and the damages they could bring. You don’t have to worry about possible mildew due to extensive storage period. The storage facility and its storage container units are designed with proper airflow in mind which helps prevent mildew and mold.


A storage facility offers cleaning, inspection and maintenance services, too. With the cleaning services, you can get rid of pests, mold, and water in your boat. You can also seek inspection and maintenance services during the storage period to be sure that your boat is in top condition for sailing season. You have the option to outsource third-party service providers in case the storage facility has limited and/or pricey services.


Winterizing your boat on your own is time-consuming. The attempt is also useless if you did it wrong. Renting a storage container may not be cheap but it is more practical than a DIY preparation. You can even request the storage facility to deliver your watercraft directly to the docks. This saves you the time from picking it up yourself and driving it to the docks for the boating season.


Lastly, keeping your watercraft in a boat storage container extends its lifespan. You may be able to remedy damages every now and then but the overall lifespan and performance of your boat are already affected. Prevention of damages is a surefire way to maintain your boat in an excellent condition. With a well-maintained watercraft, you can sail further with less worry.

Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, our month-to-month terms provide the flexibility that you need.

Protect your boat from this winter!

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