10 Things to Know About Moving During February 2018 in Toronto, Canada

While the places closer to the equator might be bracing for the onset of summers, Mother Nature has other plans for Toronto and Canada. Weather forecasts show that average temperatures will stay below the 0 o mark. This might be just an everyday thing for most Canadians however, if you’re planning to relocate, it can be quite a problem. Still, there are a few things that if you take into consideration will make things much simpler during your house move.

1.     Have the whole thing planned down to tiny details

First and foremost, it is important that you’re aware of the entire process, have a moving checklist and know all the details so you can plan things accordingly. Speak to people in your social circle who’ve relocated recently and they will be able to help. Everything from moving boxes to the least hazardous way to get your packed stuff from the house to the van should be considered, accounted for and planned. It will help make the task look like a piece of cake.

2.     Shovel the driveways,

It is important to have the entire path from your doorway to the moving truck shoveled and sprinkled with salt to minimize the troubles you or the movers might encounter transporting things from the house to the moving vehicle. Salt is effective is reducing ice build-up for longer periods of time.

3.     Take measures to minimize chances of slipping

You can use fabric or plastic coverings for your floors and driveways or have slippers or boots that reduce slipping, at hand to reduce chances of any injuries. This is also ensures that mud and water from outside don’t contribute to damaging your floors.

4.     There are a few things to consider while packing

A good substitute could be using plastic boxes instead of the regular cardboard or even if you’re using regular cardboard, have them properly covered. Don’t over-pack the boxes or loosely seal them because that could be potentially damaging to your things in case the box splits. Heavy boxes also mean a higher probability of slipping and injuring yourself while lifting them, especially on slippery surfaces.

5.     Take your time, don’t rush things!

It’s a Polish proverb that when a man is in a hurry, the devil is happy. Rushing things increases the chances of forgetting important things or steps and even the possibility of accidents.

6.     Don’t neglect yourself during the process

Dress comfortably but in accordance with the weather, have a healthy breakfast and ensure access to warm drinks throughout the process. This ensures you don’t end up fatigued during relocation or sick when you’re done with it.

7.     Equally important is to look after your pets

With so much going on, there might be chances that neglect your pets. Designate the task of checking up on them to someone who has less of other things to do.

8.     Keep the people around you informed

Canada is a land of hospitable people and keeping your friends, neighbors and relatives informed about your plans could mean more help in order to streamline things a bit more.

9.     Give some thought before choosing your moving facilitators

Different moving services offer different facilities. Make sure you obtain referrals or hire a credible service that is known to manage things well and under your budget.

10.   Hassles are part of the process, be ready to deal with them

Accidents, damages and other things deviating from your plan is all part of the process. Be prepared to deal with any inconveniences because there are chances that things might go south at any point.

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