Follow These 8 Tips for a Trouble-free Move

Moving companies have not only their welfare in mind; they also think about how they can help their customers. Homeowners and businesses should reach out to them for guidance and advice. These tips from movers Toronto will help you get ready for the big day.

1. Give yourself plenty of preparation time

Estimate the length of time you need to prepare. The number should be doubled or even tripled to give yourself more time allowance. Throwing, sorting and packing things up will consume a large chunk of your time.

2. Have time to de-clutter

Pile things separately, categorizing them according to places where you intend to send them to. There are usually three main categories for them: the donation box, the garbage bin, and your friends. Consider Craigslist and Kjiji.

3. Pack items from one room first

Being organized is a key to a smooth-sailing preparation. For instance, pack things in room number 1 first and don’t move to the next room until the first is finished. Don’t rumble things up.

4. Use clothing for breakables

Using newspaper for wrapping breakables can be messy. Use Packing Paper instead. Clean, unprinted newsprint keeps items clean and secure.

5. Buy doublewall corrugated boxes

Strength of single wall corrugated or double wall varies a lot depending on the materials used in construction, it is usually treated for extreme strength and moisture resistance.

6. Keep boxes light

Accidents and injuries can happen during the move, but you can avoid or minimize them. Keep your boxes light. Don’t go beyond 50 pounds or 22.5 kg. for each box.

7. Use labels

You heard of this so many times, but just the same, people tend to forget it, especially on a busy move. Scribble down the contents and the destination on the box. One reminder: write information on all the four sides of the box, so you can see the info clearly even when the boxes are placed on top of one another.

8. Keep important documents in one place

Reliable moving websites would suggest using a moving folder. Another good idea would be to have a last-in-first-out container. Remember to have your phone numbers, bank records, closing papers, certificates, mover estimates, job contracts and other important papers kept in one safe place.

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