Never hire cheap movers, either do it yourself or hire professional movers

So, you’ve bought a new house, let’s suppose this is your dream house, and it’s time for the final step – moving all your things from the old house to the dream house. In the midst of the excitement, the thrill and fascination of moving to a new neighborhood, it’s obvious you’ll be losing track of time and money if you’re not careful enough.

Given that your dream house costs you at least more than half of your savings, it makes complete sense that you’d rather hire a cheap mover just to reduce the cost of moving as a whole. So, you hire a cheap mover, only to find half of your delicate items broken in pieces by the time they reach your new place.

Did you think you were going to save your money? Think again, because cheap movers aren’t really cheap! We’re here to enlighten you on why you shouldn’t hire cheap movers:

Fraudulence is their Middle Name

Now, we’re not here to point fingers or indulge in name-calling, but a majority of cheap movers are definitely frauds in all aspects. They do not have a team of professionals to handle your items, and to be fairly honest, they don’t even care much about how high of a sentimental value your grandma’s vase holds for you. To top it off, if they do end up damaging your items, they’re never going to own up to it.

They Swear by Fixed Pricing Scales

Any cheap moving company that you contact is going to quote a pleasantly low price, and they’ll swear that their prices are fixed. However, these conversations are more likely to be held over the phone. There won’t be a piece of paper confirming their pricing scales and they’re rarely ever going to let you know in the beginning, if there are any hidden costs involved.

Limited to Low Insurance

More often than not, cheap moving companies either have limited or zero insurance when it comes to your items and/or property. In any case, you won’t be informed beforehand and when your items do get damaged, they’re not going to take the responsibility. This is extremely unfair because if your items do get damaged in the process, you should receive some compensation for it. But, with the company not owning up to their fault, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to recover the damages through them.

You End Up Paying a Lot More


The impressive pricing that is offered to you initially might be more than enough to astonish and lure you into their schemes. However, by the time you’re done with the moving, you’ll definitely notice that the overall cost sums up to a lot more despite the “fixed price” tag that was offered initially. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive your items in one piece. If not, add the cost of that to the total and voila.

This is why it is much better to opt for moving companies that might quote a higher price, but give you the benefit of placing your trust in them without fretting over additional costs. Professional moving companies will never try to play mind games with you, giving you all the details you need from the start.


by | Sep 24, 2017 | Toronto Movers Blog

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