Storage Facilities: 4 Reasons Why They Are Essential When Hiring a Moving Company

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Have you ever had the storage problem while planning a move? Let’s discuss a real-life example: You are going move to a new house, condo or rental apartment, but it is not ready on the time it was already promised.

On the other hand, your lease or contract ends very soon and you MUST move. What do you do in this situation?

Asking a friend to let you use their locker or basement for storing your items until you are ready to move? Do you know that you have to pay twice to the moving company in this case?

But… what about hiring a moving company with storage facilities? Yeah, that’s REAL! Let’s see how.

An All-in-One Moving and Storage Solution

The moving process is physically and emotionally draining if you are doing it on your own. It is going to be time-consuming as well. You may request some loved ones to help you, but what about the equipment and trucks? You are lucky if you have someone to borrow from. If you have none, your only option is to rent. If you are willing to shell out some cash, why not turn to moving and storage companies instead?

Moving companies have everything you need for your transfer—from the right equipment to the skilled workforce. Some take their services to a new level by offering storage. Below are 4 critical reasons to hire professional movers with storage facilities.

1. Saves Time and Energy

DIY moving involves: buying packing materials, calling your friends for help, packing your belongings, clearing up your old place, getting trucks and equipment, loading and unloading your things, and organizing your new home. These tasks may take days to months to complete. Adding to the difficulties is your emotional attachment to your old place and neighborhood.

Hiring saves you the time to do those tasks. It only takes a few hours for the professional movers to finish all of them. Plus, you do not need to lift a finger in the entire moving and storage process.

2. Efficient Packing

Packing is a tough chore and it may turn out to be a costly one if you do not know how to do it right. You might buy more materials than needed. You might also pack improperly and damage your things during transit as a result.

On the other hand, professional movers have the experience and training to pack your belongings efficiently. They know which items to put together in one box, which materials to use to ensure safe transit, how to pack properly, and how to move bulky or heavy items such as furniture and appliances. You don’t need to pay for packing materials as they bring everything they need for packing and wrapping.

3. Safe and Insured Delivery

The riskiest part of moving is when your belongings are in transit. They might get damaged, lost or stolen. No one is going to pay you back and replace your items if you are at fault for the damages. It’s really hard to claim damaged or stolen belongings during your move if not using a moving company’s insurance.

Professional movers understand how delicate their job is so they tend to be cautious when loading and unloading your belongings, as well as driving along wide and narrow roads. But in the unfortunate event that they get damaged, they will pay or replace the affected items through their insurance.

4. Secured Storage

Do you want to pack in advance? A company with storage facilities will help you do so, not just with the packing and moving but also with storage. Storage services are also valuable if you encounter problems regarding your new place that prevent you from moving in right away. You may opt for either short-term or long-term storage. You do not have to bother your friends to lend you some space for your belongings and then redo the steps in relocating.

Bottom Line

If you are bound to move to a new home, consider hiring a moving company with storage facilities, it won’t cost you more and you just make sure your belongings would have a safe place to be stored if you couldn’t move to the new place for any reason. These are all worth it if you think of the time and effort you are going to save. You spare yourself and loved ones from hassles as well. The best part is that your transition to a new home goes in the smoothest way possible.

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