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reduce-cost-professional-moversEvery person – who has moved homes even once in their lifetime – would agree that moving is expensive. And it can become a real pain if you are on a tight budget. So how do you take all your belongings from your current place to your new home without breaking your bank?

Simple. Opt for our professional movers, and we will make sure that your costs are reduced in every possible way.

How do we do it? Read on to know.


We Bring the Required Equipment

If you look into your tool shed or storeroom, there is a slim chance there will be a hand cart, dolly, or moving hand tools lying around, let alone a large ramp to facilitate you for moving your stuff. Some of these tools are vital for moving, but most people don’t realize this until the morning when they actually have to pack and move.

When you hire our professional and certified movers, you don’t have to run to the nearest hardware store to buy or rent out such equipment. This not only saves time and money, but also keeps your anxiety and stress levels from spiking off the roof. We always come prepared and bring all the small and big moving equipment with us. We don’t charge extra for them either.

We have Moving Trucks

Calling to check on your friend or colleague, who agreed to bring their pickup truck to load and carry your stuff, just to know that they won’t be able to make it can be nerve wrecking. Even if you rent a moving truck or hire movers from a moving company on an urgent basis, it is going to cost you a pretty penny.

On the other hand, when you hire our moving company, moving truck is included in the package. And believe it or not, using our moving services will be a lot cheaper and less taxing than hiring a moving truck separately.


Your Belongings are Insured and Safe

Even if you took extra care in packing that set of glass bowls you love, they are still at the risk of cracking or breaking during the move. Our moving company employs professional movers who are trained to handle all types of items with care, whether it is a box of fragile objects or bulky furniture. To give you further assurance, there are two levels of insurance/valuation coverage available for your move.

No Need for Making Multiple Trips

You may not realize how many trips it would take to get all your stuff to your new place, and you might end up paying double or triple for multiple trips because the size of the moving truck you hired was small. Our moving trucks are spacious, and our professional movers know how to efficiently utilise that space by using effective organisation techniques. We can save a lot of money by making the entire process as efficient as possible and cutting down the number of trips to minimum.

Hope these reasons were enough to convince you of our ability to save your money. If you are planning a move and need to know about our moving services, packages, and special offers, drop us a line at 416-424-4691 or get a free moving estimate here.

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