How to Protect Your Rights When Hiring a Mover

hire-reliable-moving-companyMoving to a new house is an exciting experience. It offers a fresh start for everyone in a new place. The process can expose you to danger too. Trust in others will be needed to make a move successful. It cannot be done alone and hiring movers will be inevitable. You have to be able to protect yourself during this vulnerable time.

While in the delicate process of moving to a different state, many people had been victimized by rogue movers. These exploiters take advantage of their clients by holding their possessions hostage as they demand more money than what the services they provide are worth.

How can rogue movers be avoided and keep yourself protected? Here are several tips to protect your rights and experience a move that’s free from stress caused by your belongings being held for ransom:

1. Know the movers well before hiring them.

  • Ask your family, friends, or colleagues for any recommended moving company. Their past experiences will be a good way to check if their services will be suitable to your needs or not.
  • Check multiple reviews about the company online. Do not limit yourself to their official web sites that would post only positive testimonials. Ask or read about them in forums and social networking sites. Listen to both positive and negative feedback from previous clients. Let their history be a factor in your decision.

2. Make sure the movers are member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).

canadian movers association
A moving company that knows and follows the standard protocol governing their business is trustworthy. At the very least, they should be able to do the following:

  • The company should educate their clients about their rights and responsibilities as consumers of their services.
  • The company should explain their policy for emergencies, additional inquiries, and complaints to their clients.
  • The company should also give their contact information such as telephone number, mobile phone number of the mover, and e-mail address to clients.
  • The company must provide details of clients’ rights and responsibilities when Moving, beside all the signed official documents. A moving checklist before the moving process to help client organize the move.

3. Always read the fine print in the contract provided before signing anything.

Thoroughly understand first the extent of the company’s services to avoid raising invalid concerns or causing misunderstandings during the move. Do not be afraid to ask questions for better comprehension of what exactly they will do, can do, and must do with your possessions. Sign only when you are satisfied with the information they provided.

4. Keep a watchful eye during the entire process.

You know your house and possessions best. Supervise the movers to have better knowledge of their activities and of the status of your belongings.

5. Keep in touch.

Open communication between you and your hired helpers to ensure everything is going well during the moving process. Alleviate your fears and worries with information about the state of your items from the movers.

Like with all other types of goods and services, you should scrutinize the people that you will hire when moving. Your possessions are important. Here’s a short check list to guarantee that they are in safe hands:

  • The movers are registered with the CAM and have insurance.
  • The movers did an onsite inspection of the client’s belongings when estimating the cost of their services.
  • The movers provided the client a written estimate of their services before signing a contract with them or before loading your items.
  • The movers gave the client a complete copy of the contract.
  • The movers informed the client about the limits of their insurance policy.
  • The movers are professional by answering properly and politely whenever contacted.
  • The movers use a company owned truck; better if it bears the company logo.
  • If it turns out there are more items to move than what was estimated before the move, the company should provide a new estimate after the moving process with a list detailing the additional items.

Keep yourself safe and protected with these tips. Moving is an opportunity for a new life in a new place. So let it be fun and exciting. Hire good help.

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