Are you scheduling your moving day on Christmas / New year holidays?

Arranging the day of your move with a moving company in Toronto during the holidays may not seem like the best idea, but it can be a fruitful and memorable experience nonetheless. Surely, the holiday rush can pose several challenges, but with several equally significant perks, moving during the holidays can let you enjoy a positive experience.

Here are some of the pros and cons of scheduling your moving day during the holidays, making it easier for you to decide whether you should or should not do it:


  • No need to miss work or take a leave – Since your move is scheduled during the holidays, there’s no need for you to file for a leave from work. You no longer have to worry about taking absences from work and receiving a lower pay due to it, since you can just use some of your free days during the holiday break to do the move.
  • Lighter traffic – During the holidays, local traffic will also become lighter as many people are already out of town, visiting their family. Lighter and lesser traffic translates to a faster move.
  • Offers a fun experience for the entire family – Moving will also be a fun and unforgettable experience, instead of a stressful one, if you decide to do it during the holidays. For instance, you can send customized new address cards to your close friends and family members, instead of Christmas cards.

If you have kids, then you can let them know that Santa still knows your new home, so he can send gifts at the right place. It’s also the perfect time to explore your new environment, especially if you suddenly find the move and the holidays stressful. You and your family will surely find several festive events in your new town.


    • Extremely cold weather – Aside from the snow, moving will also be a bit harder because the holidays is also the time when the weather gets extremely cold. You and your chosen movers may even need to make a few adjustments regarding the schedule from time to time due to the snowstorms.

  • Risk of all your stuff getting destroyed by the rainy or snowy weather – This is especially true if you don’t work with a professional mover who has a CAM certificate. Your furniture and all your other items will not be fully protected against the harsh effects of the bad weather since those who are uncertified are not that skilled in handling the moving process, however, our moving company and all our movers are insured and you can apply for full insurance coverage base on the value of your furniture.

Professional Movers with CAM Certification

Fortunately, our moving company is one of the Toronto movers with Canadian Association of Movers, or CAM, certification. We can help you in case you wish to arrange your move during the holidays. You have an assurance that these professional and certified movers Toronto have the right equipment, skills and training to keep all your stuff dry and in one piece despite the harsh weather. Rest assured that your stuff will arrive at their destination without any damage.

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by | Dec 19, 2016 | Toronto Movers Blog

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