Preparing for a Moving Day: Why You Need to Refresh Your Music Playlist

Your home is a place of comfort where everything organized the way you want, and things are found in their rightful places (most of the time). You have created a systemized way of going about your daily chores. Now, imagine everything goes haywire one day.
There are rolls of tape on the floor, towering piles of cardboard boxes in every room, things are scattered all over the place and you shudder seeing the chaos invade your once calm, orderly space.
Bubble wrap might be fun to pop when it’s limited in quantity, but imagine yourself wrapped in bubble wrap and still not being able to pop it. Oh, the dilemma! You are surrounded by countless sheets of bubble fun, but you cannot afford to waste them (or your time, for that matter) because there are lots of delicate household items and kitchenware that need to be packed using it.

Your five-year old is suddenly hungry, and demands his favorite cereal.t Unfortunately, you have tucked it away in one of the boxes. Now, which one was it?
Your toddler accidentally wets himself, and you have to scavenge through the small collection of clothes you set aside. Add another stressor to the list! The doorbell rings, it must be the movers. Your heart sinks because you still haven’t finished packing! You start panicking, and before you realize, there’s commotion and confusion and pandemonium ensues. Your worst nightmare is coming true.

Tips To Ease the Moving Process

While the above scenario sounds like an exaggeration, it resonates with many homeowners who have endured a stressful move. You will certainly agree with this if you have relocated in the past, or are currently going through the highs and lows of the moving process. If you are planning to move in the near future, it’s best to listen to these tips so you can manage your stress as the big day approaches.
As exciting as moving to a different place might be, there’s no denying that it can be a rather tiring and taxing process. You can hire a good moving company to help you with the packing and transporting items, but you cannot escape all of the choices you need to make in a short time that can lead to feelings of mental exhaustion.
However, as a business with years of experience in dealing with these matters, we have learned many helpful tips and tricks along the way. So, take it from your local expert movers when we say that the ultimate tip to ease the moving process is to listen to some music you enjoy on repeat.

Music for Moving

It is a scientifically proven fact that certain beats and rhythms have a calming and soothing effect. Music can help you and your family members relax on a stressful day. When things seem too overwhelming, hit the play button and let the music wash a sense of calm over your body. With music ringing through the air, everyone involved in the packing process will be less stressed, and they will feel like time is moving quicker.

Music to Move to…

Do you need a clearer idea of which music to listen to? Here are some more tips to ease your moving process.

  • If you are feeling extremely exhausted, listen to a piano or similar soothing tunes
  • If you need the motivation to work harder and faster, play rock music or hip hop songs to increase your energy
  • If you have kids and they are getting rather frustrated with the work, blast some kid-friendly songs and dance along with them

Music keeps your mood positive, and increases your energy level. Download your favorite tracks, and set up your speakers. Hit the play button, and you will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to get things wrapped up (pun intended).

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