Different Types of Portable Storage Containers That You Should Consider When Relocating

If you want a sip of a refreshing cold drink, do you prefer to buy a can or a jumbo-sized bottle?
You would probably buy the can because of its economical and better suited to your needs. The same principle applies to choose a moving service.
If you are relocating or planning to relocate in the near future, then you are going to need some help moving or storing your belongings. However, you may be surprised that hiring a moving company is not your only option!

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Why Portable Storage Container?

It’s a Cost-Effective Moving Option

Portable storage units are one of the most budget-friendly ways to relocate your belongings. Renting a container for a short period of time is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional moving company.

It Offers Flexibility

If you decide to rent a container for a certain amount of time, it’s up to you to decide the day and the time of your move, as long as it falls within the time you have rented the portable storage unit.

Types of Portable Storage Units

If you think a portable storage unit is a viable option for you, it may help you to learn about the features of the two main types of portable storage containers available to make the right choice for you.

Portable On Demand Storage (PODS)

PODS is an US moving and storage company that serves people in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

● Size and Moving Availability

PODS’ containers are available in three sizes:
1. 7x7x8 feet
2. 8x8x12 feet
3. 8x8x16 feet.
For long-distance moves, only the largest container is available; for local relocations, you can opt for any of the three sizes.

● Uses

Depending on the size of the container, PODS can hold the contents of a studio apartment, a mid-size apartment or even a large house (i.e. approximately one to four rooms of furniture).

Containers On Wheels Storage (COWS)

COWS is a North American service that provides portable storage containers for home and business owners. All COWS locations are owned by local moving companies or self-storage facilities. Our Canadian moving company server the portable storage containers in Toronto and the GTA area.

● Size and Moving Availability

COWS offer metal storage units in 16 feet. These units are available for short and long distance moves.

● Uses

COWS can hold the contents of a small apartment and accommodate the contents of up to three rooms.


While PODS are available in many locations with different size options, they are more expensive and can take a long time to arrive. Alternatively, COWS are cost effective and allow you to customize the level of service you need (i.e. the DIY route, a hybrid option, and a full-service option). If you are relocating on a small budget, the DIY option may appeal to you.
COWS and PODS are both sturdy; they can stand up to all types of weather conditions. PODS requires clients for monthly payment but with COWS you can have a flexible contract. With COWS, you only pay for the units you use, and you can choose temporary or long-term storage.

While PODS and COWS both offer a lot of advantages, COWS is definitely the more cost effective option. If you would like to learn more about using COWS for your relocation journey, visit our barn today! Our moving company will help you meet all of your moving needs!

Portable Storage Containers - Cows
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