Why You Should Not Use Used Moving Boxes for Your Move

old-moving-boxesAre you preparing to move to a bigger office or transfer to a new home? If you are, you are probably looking for moving boxes for packing all your stuff.
Some people scrounge boxes from Craigslist, the supermarket, or other similar sources. However, there are many reasons why you should not contemplate a full-service move using old or used boxes.

They’re filthy.

If the boxes have been previously used for shipping items through FedEx, UPS, or the US Mail, they are bound to be grimy. They have spent some time aboard shipping trucks and are likely to be swathed with filth from vehicle exhaust and dust. These boxes tend to be soiled and may even have oil stains and other unpalatable marks.

They’re unhygienic.

Aside from the aesthetic consideration, used boxes are extremely unhygienic. They may have moths, carpet beetles, bedbugs, and other insects — not to mention germs — in them. You do not want your clothes and other personal belongings to be put in these boxes. You may be causing a serious bug infestation in your new office or quarters if you use such boxes to move your belongings.

They’re weak.


Cardboard boxes tend to lose their structural integrity and strength over time. This is particularly true for moving boxes which tend to get bounced, kicked, and tossed around in the process of moving.
Old boxes can easily tear. Your valuables inside them may be scratched or irrevocably damaged. Protect your valuables by making sure that your moving boxes are new.

They are limited in size and dimension.

You cannot be too choosy with used boxes. You are likely to simply make do with what is available. You may only find boxes which are too big and end up overfilling them or only find too small boxes and have to squeeze your things into constricted space.

If you want to move your things safely and securely, you have to choose the right boxes. Pack heavy items like electronics or big weighty books in boxes small enough to readily lift.

Use bigger boxes for your lightweight possessions. Cut down on wasted space by filling the boxes to the brim. A full box is better able to withstand stacking. It is also less likely to crush easily.

They may be the wrong type of boxes for your things.

There is a wide range of moving boxes for specific things.

You need small durable book cartons for your heavy book collection. You need a heavy-duty box or a dish barrel to safely accommodate your fragile china. You need spacious boxes for your mattresses. You clothes need to be stowed inside wardrobe cartons. You need medium and large boxes for a variety of other things.

Do not settle for used boxes which may have been used several times already. Toronto Service Center Inc. is a one stop shop for moving, our movers bring moving boxes for you in different sizes, they do all the packing and unpacking professionally and move your furniture safely to the new place.

Look for extra strength and flexibility in your boxes by opting for new professional-grade moving boxes.

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Toronto Movers Blog

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