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Moving from one place to another takes a lot of work and packing. Without proper planning and trained personnel, it can take a lot of trips or even cause your items to get damaged. This is the reason why you need to find a Toronto mover that is both reliable and efficient. Sifting through numerous moving companies can be a chore but you can easily narrow down your candidates if you look for these qualities:


You may be moving nearby or faraway but it shouldn’t make a difference for a reliable mover. You must choose a moving company that can handle moves that are either at a close distance or further. They should be able to accommodate any number of items, no matter how big or small your items are.


Reliable movers are those who adhere to rules and regulations. In terms of movers in Toronto, movers must possess a certification from the Canadian Association of Movers and must be qualified under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

WSIB_cspaat_OntarioIt is important to remember that movers without WSIB and Canadian Association of Movers are not bound to take responsibility for any incidents that happen in their customers’ premises even if they were caused by their personnel. You need to make sure that the mover that you hire carries complete documentation and ample insurance coverage to protect you from unexpected expenses.

Has professional personnel

Reliable movers must have well-trained personnel who know what they are doing. They must have great social skills so that they can easily communicate with their customers. In addition to that, they should be able to do their jobs efficiently even under tremendous pressure. Since moving is almost always time sensitive, they should also observe punctuality at all times.

Credible and has a great track record

You can find a reliable mover by asking around town. If a company comes up in multiple recommendations, then that means they are dependable and, most of the time, pretty affordable. Most people only recommend companies that gave them great customer service and value for money.

In addition to word of mouth, you can try and check if there are online reviews about particular moving companies. Review sites will be a great resource for moving companies in Toronto that provide great services.

Once you have a shortlist of moving companies then you can start researching about their services. You can go to their website and see if they have online quotations or you can call them and talk to a representative to make it easier. Either way, you will need to see if their services fit your needs.

Do not settle for just any mover in your area. Look for the best movers in Toronto for your moving needs. You deserve to be served by professional people with the right credentials and affiliations. Make sure that the movers you hire has the qualities listed here. It is the only way through which you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

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