Why Accurate Details Are Required for Accurate Moving Estimate


We ask your full cooperation in filling out our forms. Knowing you and your belongings would help us understand your needs and would help us provide you with a more accurate moving estimate. By asking you questions, we can cover all (or at least almost all) of the possible costs that we might encounter during the move.

We would not want to inconvenience our customers by giving them billings which are much more expensive than the estimates we have provided. We also would not want to further inconvenience our customers by spending more time on the move than anticipated due to unexpected factors that need to be addressed. The following are the things that we are trying to know about you to avoid unexpected higher costs.

Unaccounted belongings.

We try our best to estimate the volume of belongings that we need to move, so we can assign the appropriate number of workers, equipment, and vehicles to you on your moving date. Depending on the scenario, we could still help you move any additional belongings but doing so would require additional resources that were not considered during the computation of our moving estimate.

Also, remember that we provide resources based on the information given to us. It is possible that these resources may not be sufficient to help you move on schedule.

Undisclosed logistics.

The location of the belongings, pick-up point, drop-off point and the destination point would all be a factor on the required resources and consequently, the required costs. The farther the points are to each other, the more resources are needed, hence the more expensive the move will be. For example, belongings in the garage would be more convenient to load on a vehicle parked on the driveway.

In case there are other belongings on the third floor, the crew would need more time to load these belongings to the moving vehicle and might even need additional equipment and/ or materials. If the belongings on the third floor were not disclosed to us, the additional cost for the additional manpower would be on top of the moving estimate that was provided earlier to you.

Also, unexpected obstacles in moving belongings should also be disclosed since these obstacles would also require certain actions from the crew and would also therefore require more resources and costs. For instance, broken elevator in apartments or renovation which cause movers have difficulties load and unload.

Unplanned packaging/ repackaging.

To ensure the safety of your belongings, we need to ensure that their packaging is adequate. Cases wherein your belongings would need packing/ repacking would require more manpower, materials, and time. We would consider your disclosed packing needs in the moving estimate that we would provide; however, repacking would require costs that were not considered during the computation of your moving estimate.

Aside from avoiding unexpected costs, filling out the forms completely and accurately would allow us to provide the service that you deserve. We need to have the right equipment, materials, and personnel to move your belongings. We need to consider these, especially when there are belongings that could be difficult to move or when there are belongings which could easily be damaged while moving.

It is better to take the time now to fill out our forms than to allow miscalculations to occur. Remember that the actual resources would translate to the actual billing and that any non-disclosure would only be added on top of the moving estimate.

We recommend that you inform us of your plans as early as possible. The earlier it is, the better the chances that we could help you move on your desired date.

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