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We take pride in being the premier choice for boat owners and enthusiasts who know the importance of clean and secure boat storage. With many years of experience in the storage industry, we have well-equipped facilities to safely store your valuable boats.
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Large Boat Storage

Different container sizes for different boat models, we have large boat storage containers which can fit a large boat.
secure storage facilities

24/7 Online Surveillance

Our visitors have to register with our office upon arrival and are always accompanied as they move around in the premises.

Flexible Lease Terms

Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, our month-to-month terms provide the flexibility that you need. Regardless of the period your boat stays at our facility, we make sure it is kept in pristine condition.

Protect Your Valuable Boat From Coming Winter!
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We provide unparalleled services in a convenient location where you can quickly drop off or pick up your boat. We understand exactly what you need: a Toronto Boat Storage Facility that offers top security and care for your valuable asset.

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