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How to Choose the Right movers to Move You and Your Household in Toronto

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Toronto moving companies have the perfect formula – choose the right people to move you and your household or your business. First step is to check if the company under your consideration is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).

Next: go through the BBB list. For a moving Toronto firm to deserve your trust, its name must be included in that list.

BBB AccreditedFinally, check for appropriate insurance. Moving companies Toronto can’t go wrong with insurance requirements, unless they don’t have sufficient financial backing or they simply don’t know the word “customer protection” in its full meaning. In any case, move to these additional criteria.

How long have they been in business?

It might not be always a good question to ask, since some companies may start out in the business with the best contractors and workers working for them. Nevertheless, ask the question, and for those who have been around for quite some time, get to interview their previous customers. What’s the minimum requirement? Ten to fifteen years of moving families and businesses will do.

What’s their storage parameter?

Storage issues have always been primary concerns among clients. Many moving companies come to a point when they have to lie to customers about their available space. Don’t take companies for their word even if they made a claim of being number one in the industry. Make sure that you see with your own eyes how your items will be placed in their storage areas. Check the security systems and cleanliness of the place. If there’s anything amiss, file a complaint (with the BBB and/or the CAM).

Note: Some companies offer one-month free storage. That’s something nice to tell your friends who are themselves in search for an affordable move.

Are they honest?

Movers learn dishonest tactics over time even if they shout out on their advertisements they are the most honest movers around. Don’t be a victim. Before the move, ask them about your estimate moving time. Some customers had to pay more for not claiming all the belongings or less. Keep on asking until they give you an acceptable estimate. On your part, be honest yourself. Another area to look into is seasonal changes of fees. The moving company can be talking about regular fees without mentioning about peak-season fees. Fees are lower for moves from October to June. The same goes with mid-month moves.

Keep Asking

Don’t be too shy to ask. You are a customer who wants to know how much you ought to pay and the kind of service you’ll get in return. Remember: The right people don’t want to cause you any trouble.  They don’t want to experience troubles with their business, either, so do your part by keeping yourself updated or adequately informed every step of the way.

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