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People make the mistake of getting information from unreliable sources. This often happens when searching for the right moving companies. To avoid getting misled by wrong information, get your facts straight from reliable moving companies themselves. Here are bits of important information from movers Toronto website.

Fact #1 – Some Items Cannot Be Included

Some things are not allowed to be loaded in the moving truck or van like pets and plants. Owners are advised to take these along with them in their car. But if you would insist, they’d probably allow shipping your plants but definitely not your pets.

DO-NOT-TRANSPORT-EXPLOSIVESHazardous materials cannot be transported as well. Flammable, corrosive, or explosive materials are considered hazardous and can’t be shipped. These include motor oil, loaded guns, lighter fluid, pesticides, lamp oil, kerosene, paint, batteries, gasoline, ammonia, nail polish, fireworks and aerosols.

Non-transportable items can be given to your family and friends. If you will throw them away, contact your local authorities for help on how to properly dispose them.

Fact #2 – The actual charge may be lower than the estimate

Normally, companies will tell customers that they stand by their quote as long as the information they received from the customer is accurate. Sometimes, the charge is lower than the one quoted.

Fact #3 – Why they ask for deposits

deposit for movingWhen a moving company asks for a deposit, make no assumptions that the company is a scam. Every company has their own terms and conditions, and asking for a deposit is a standard practice. It is the initial charge.

You may inquire why they ask for a deposit and about their cancellation policy, but usually, they just tell customers that it is the policy of the company and that it is just a way for them to protect their business.

Moving companies ask for deposits because they want to be assured that the deal will proceed as agreed upon. The deposit is their guarantee.

Fact #4 – Companies consider on-site visit as last option for estimating

An on-site visit is usually the last option companies consider when making estimates. They will direct a customer first to the website to fill out an online form. You will be asked to write down all of the things you intend to bring with you to your new location. The online estimator will give you a result.

Alternatively, they will also invite customers to give them a call. Questions designed to get a complete inventory of your things will be asked. They will give you an estimate after two or three days.

Tips for Choosing a Mover

According to movers Toronto, customers deserve an excellent moving experience. Here are tips to help you choose the right company.

  1. Customer Service – Staff is honest and willing to answer your questions.
  2. References – They can give you names of past customers and names of business partners who can vouch for their integrity and reliability.
  3. No Hidden Charges – Read reviews online and see if there are customers who say they have been cheated by the company.
  4. Equipment – Having complete equipment is the company’s guarantee they are ready to do the job. Check for the following: hoisting straps, two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, crates and bins, appliance dollies, ramps, pallet jacks, piano boards, tool kits and trucks.
  5. License – Check for licensing. Moving complaints in Canada are on the rise.
  6. Good storage condition – Sometimes, a move may require temporary storage of your belongings. Check their storage areas for climate-control, security, fire detection, and motion systems.

When talking to a company, make sure you talk about your needs and not so much about the requirements of the company. This way, you can make them listen to you and do things according to your expectations.

For inquiries, talk first with movers Toronto. They will answer your questions directly and won’t waste your time.

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