Scarborough Moving Company – Importance of an Inventory List

Ifyou would ask a Scarborough moving company for helpful tools for your move, they will mention two things – a moving checklist and an inventory list. This discussion focuses on the importance of having an inventory list.

What’s the difference?

The moving checklist contains all the tasks related to your relocation while the inventory list contains the personal belongings and household items you plan to take with you.

Why Make an Inventory List

Whether you intend to do the packing yourself or you will hire people from one of the movers in Scarborough to do it for you, documenting the things that you own long before the move is a useful idea. It will:

  • Help you to be organized and focused.
  • Help you keep track of your belongings.
  • Help you come up with a fair estimate of the cost of the move and the total weight of your possessions.

Things Worth Bringing to Your New Home

Without the list, you may have a hard time deciding which ones should go and which ones have to be left behind or be given away.

You should be good at categorizing things. If not, let someone in your family help you with that. Mark some things as “outdated” or “duplicate”. Other categories you may use are “damaged”, “needs repair” and “useless for me but maybe useful to others”.

Packing Materials

The inventory list can also help you determine the right amount of packing materials and moving boxes to purchase and use. You will need another skill for this.

You need to be good at estimating how much space things occupy. Get help from someone who knows how to calculate the volume of objects. Then you would know how many boxes, wrapping paper and rolls of packing tapes to purchase.

Cost Estimate

With the list before you place a call to your moving company and give them your estimates. They need to be informed mainly about the number of boxes you are loading, the pieces of furniture and their size (or weight) and your appliances and their size.

Rule of thumb is not to underestimate or under-report. Moving companies Scarborough and any experienced movers, for that matter, have a way of finding out huge discrepancies between what has been reported and what the actual reading is.


In your list, have a particular marking for high-value items. They are items of interest for your moving company as they will have to insure these items and determine appropriate coverage for them.


For questions, contact the nearest Scarborough moving firm. You may also call the BBB or the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). The BBB gives ratings for moving companies and CAM provides data for comparing services and rates of movers.

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