Long-Distance Moving – Toronto to Montreal

moving-toronto-to-montrealMuch of the anxiety that comes with long distance moving and relocation to another province, state, or country can be alleviated by getting a reliable moving company. The key to finding the right moving company is to make some extensive research before settling with one specific company.

You can ask friends and family for recommendations. If your relocation is job-related, you may ask your employer if they can find a reputable moving company to help make your transfer from Toronto to Montreal seamless.

Whether you can get help from your company or from your friends and family, here is a list of tips that can be helpful in making long distance moves more bearable.

Create a “Moving Checklist”

Make a moving checklist that will include important information: the moving company’s contact number, date and time of the planned move, emergency contact numbers, and tasks that need to be done upon leaving Toronto and upon arriving in Montreal (e.g. sorting, packing and unpacking, and cleaning).
Long distance moves can be tedious. However, if you know the things that need to be done, your transition from one location to another would be easy.

Look for the Best Moving Company

Remember, not all moving companies are created equal. You should look for a company with licensed and properly trained movers. The best thing to do is ask for recommendations from people you know, who may have availed of their services.

Long distance moving is not cheap. Moving companies charge based on the distance your belongings need to be moved. However, there are movers that will try to get you to hire them by flaunting lower rates just to get clients. Hence, it is important to conduct an extensive research to ensure that you are hiring the best one.
Keep in mind that it would be hard to get an urgent replacement in case the moving company you hired chooses another client over you.

Ask for Rate Estimates

Aside from comparing company profiles and reputation, asking for estimates is also helpful. Most moving companies have an online presence, so you have an option to ask for a moving estimate online. It will save you time and you can evaluate all the information you get.
However, the most reliable ones may want to know and ask to inspect your belongings to be able to prepare a comprehensive quotation.

If this is the case, make sure that everything will be shown to the moving company.

Make an Inventory

While you can find reliable moving companies that offer lower charges, you can get more savings if you make an inventory of every item that you want moved. This way, the moving company can give you an accurate estimate.

Plus, it saves you time, and you can throw away or donate to charity, the things that you no longer need.
A reputable moving company will ensure that your relocation is as easy as possible, and will make sure all your questions are answered.

Long distance moving is a daunting task, but with proper planning, even the minor issues that you encounter along the way will not be as bad. Also, we provide moving and storage services in Toronto to Ottawa.


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